Special delivery!

Mila posing this morning

Squeezy face

Good night everyone!

Scratch scratch!

Spring is here and the birds are cheeping this morning!

Mila wondering why there is a Moses basket in the livingroom

Having to train Mila not to jump in the babys cot using Pablo the Polar Bear. 

Lazy pants

Congratulations to mila on winning the Guardian Witness best pet contribution award!! Little star.

Since the arrival of our new family member, Mila has been sleeping by Kristans cot! How cute

Mila got stuck in the drawers this morning. She was missing for a while, then I noticed one if the draws move, and there she was, stuck in between the draws trying to climb in. Once I removed all the draws to get her out, she gave my this look, aww.

Sun bathing

Cuteness overload

Good meowning

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