Aww, We caught Milas hand in the door, but she was absolutely fine. 

Got to the top of the stairs and she was staring at me like this.

Come on now Mila, leave the lamp alone!

stephonce-del-rey How you do keep Mila's eyes so neat? I have an exotic too and I struggle to reduce tear stains. Maybe it's because my girl has white fur and it's much easier to see? I'm not sure, but any tips are welcomed! Thank you!

Heya, We use warm water on a damp hand towel and wipe away her tears. We try to do it everyday, but you do get lazy. We have lots of photos of here with red tears, but I guess here color does hide a lot of the marks! I think your white cat will probably stain more then ours, I know when Mila walks through the curtains she sometimes leaves a red mark on them, annoying, but we let her off because shes cute. Take care and good luck!

If I fits, I sit!

Came home from work late yesterday and she was waiting for me! x

So we’ve left the blinds up a little so Mila can still look out the window and see what is going on!

Mila not being very helpful while we reorganise the living room

Hey Mila! Get me a cup of tea while you’re downstairs please!

hedonisticparadise Mila is literally the cutest cat I've ever seen, I just binge-watched all her videos on youtube and i am dyingggg. thank you for running this blog!

Hey thanks! Glad you like Mila. I have so many photos of my cat, she is just priceless and I will put up more shots soon.

Mila does some photobombing behind Kris.

Morning tea

I think she fell off? She looks dazed 😂

Uh oh… You haven’t got yourself stuck have you Mila?

aphastus Any tips on grooming your exotic shorthair cats? Eyes? Hair? Thanks so munch in advance for sharing your grooming routine :)


I groom Mila every 2 days, Using the Furminator, which has been an excellent grooming tool. The first time you use it, a lot of hair comes off, but then you just need to maintain. 

Sometimes we snip her hair if it becomes long, but because they shed hair in the summer, we never need to get this done professionally. 

Another tip, we groom her in the bath tub, so we sit outside and that way her hair stays in the tub! then we can just hoover it up after we have finished. 

Hope that helps!

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