Mila had an eye ulcer this week, but it’s all cleared up now and we are just finishing her recovery program by giving her medication to help her fully heal. Bless

Come upstairs Mila

Watching the World Cup, I think she supports the Netherlands.

"Is it safe to come out yet?"

Mila does not like the sound of the garbage truck.

Imagine a teddy bear that has a heart

I think I saw a reflection

Is it dinner time yet?

Sun time!

Shhh she’s sleeping…. Again

aphastus Mila is so cute! Red females are the sweetest cats around. I have a red female persian and a bicolor red and white exotic shorthair and they are the sweetest among the other ones i have (two tortoise and one black, all exotic shorthair).

They are fantastic, I would love to get Mila a friend to play with, possibly a dog friend! Thanks for your comments. 

Anonymous Your cat is soooo cute and this blog makes me so happy!!!

Aww thank you, I’ll make sure Mila gets an extra cuddle from you today! 

Her new favourite position, under the Moses basket.

Mila is an Exotic Shorthair cat, these cats were invented in the 1950’s by mixing a Persian with a British Shorthair cat. Because of their flat faces, they get tears on a daily basis, that need to be wiped away with a warm towel. 

Even though I forgot to wipe her face here, still, what a cutie eh?

Back when Mila enjoyed dressing up!

Mila playing on the new sofas that just got delivered!

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